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        Zhongshan Iwatani Co., Ltd.

        Link to Iwatani

        The Company supplies precision cutting materials and wire products from Zhongshan in South China.

        Legal notice

        Thank you very much for visiting the official website of Zhongshan Iwatani (hereinafter referred to as "the Website"). Users can use the Website based on these rules. Users' use of the Website shall be deemed to agree to these rules.

        I. Intellectual property

        1. Ownership

        All intellectual property rights (all rights such as copyright and trademark rights. Hereinafter referred to as intellectual property) of all contents, words, pictures, data, information and other materials (hereinafter collectively referred to as the contents of the Website) expressed or available on the Website are the property of Zhongshan Iwatani or the owner that has been disclosed, and are protected by relevant intellectual property laws.

        2. Permitted and prohibited use

        Users can use the Website and download and print the contents of the Website within the purpose of the Website based on these rules and relevant laws. Without the prior permission of Zhongshan Iwatani, users cannot copy, sell, publish, issue or modify the Website and its contents. In addition, it is not allowed to destroy, dilute, eliminate or modify all intellectual property rights on the Website and the representations of relevant owners. If you want to copy the content of the Website, please fill in the purpose and contact Zhongshan Iwatani.

        3. User provided content

        All contents provided by the user to the Website and Zhongshan Iwatani shall be deemed as non confidential and non proprietary, and its contents shall be deemed to be agreed to open, download, print and use in other means all over the world beyond Zhongshan Iwatani's control through the Website. Zhongshan Iwatani has free, permanent, irrevocable, re promise and non exclusive rights of all contents provided to the Website and Zhongshan Iwatani. In addition, regardless of its form and carrier, it is deemed to have the right to translate, copy, sell, publish, issue, modify, display, link and use.

        II. Obligations of users

        1. Compliance with laws and regulations

        All relevant laws must be observed when using the Website.

        2. Inappropriate content and actions

        The Website forbids publishing illegal, incorrect, misleading, purposeful, obscene and other unpleasant contents infringing others' rights, diluting others' rights or damaging others' reputation and the action of publishing such contents.

        3. Exemption

        Zhongshan Iwatani shall not be held responsible for any accident or damage arising out of your use of the contents of the Website or other websites linked to by the Website. In addition, the Website does not assume any responsibility for the contents provided by Zhongshan Iwatani for your convenience plus the content that Zhongshan Iwatani cannot control, the content, links and other information provided by a third party which is not responsible, and for whether all the contents translated by Zhongshan Iwatani is correct, useful, true and in line with the user's purpose. For other websites linked to, please confirm the utilization rules of their own websites.

        4. Loss compensation

        Zhongshan Iwatani, together with relevant organizations, management personnel, staff and contractors, shall not be liable for the compensation for the online behavior of users when using the Website and all problems occurred when signing contracts with third parties using the Website, and shall not be liable for the costs of litigation arising from such behavior. The loss compensation here covers all costs including attorney's fees and damages.

        III. Links

        1. Link setting

        In principle, the link of the Website is free. If you want to post the link, please record the page and URL of the link, the content of the source of the link and the purpose of the link, and then contact the Guangzhou Representative Office of Zhongshan Iwatani. In principle, please set the link as the homepage of the Website (http://www.gzjunzheng.com). Please feel free to contact the Guangzhou Representative Office of Zhongshan Iwatani if you have any special reason to post the webpage other than the homepage.

        2. Representation of link setting

        When setting the link, please make clear that it is the website linked to Zhongshan Iwatani. Depending on the way you link and the content of the page, we may ask to change the way you link or unlink.

        3. Logo

        We have prepared the logo of Zhongshan Iwatani for link, please use.

        IV. Others

        1. Use of personal data

        The user login information and the information about customers obtained by Zhongshan Iwatani will be processed according to the privacy protection policy of [Zhongshan Iwatani] website. This policy is part of the rules for use of the Website and is applicable to Article IV.3 of these rules.

        2. Individual rules

        When using some content of the Website, in addition to these rules, you need to agree to other individual rules. In addition to these rules, there are individual rules. In case of any difference between these rules and individual rules, the individual rules shall prevail.

        3. Dispute resolution

        In order to be able to solve the disputes between Zhongshan Iwatani and customers about the Website and these rules, we try our best to negotiate honestly. Zhongshan Iwatani has no obligation to deal with disputes between users and third parties. The Website, rules and disputes arising therefrom shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the exclusive laws of Japan, and the Tokyo magistrates of Japan shall have exclusive jurisdiction. For legal procedures arising from disputes, they must be submitted no later than one year after the occurrence of the cause.

        4. Change of the rules

        These rules are deemed to be the full agreement between the parties and shall act as an endorsement of the communications to date. Zhongshan Iwatani has the right to change the contents of these rules without prior notice. In case of change, Zhongshan Iwatani will publish the changed utilization rules on the Website and update the revised date. After being published on the Website, when you use the Website for the first time, you are deemed to agree to the changed rules.

        Legal notice

        Baixi Industrial Zone, Banfu Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, People's Republic of China

        Tel (+86)0760-2361-8600
        Fax (+86)0760-2361-8646

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